Chavez Family

I always appreciate working with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their work and Zach is no exception. His expertise of the area is unmatched and I found myself constantly amazed by the answers he could provide to all variety of questions. I never knew there was a swimming center in Aliso Viejo until he fielded a question regarding a pool on the property! We were unsure as to what home improvements to perform and Zach was able to provide sensible suggestions that we could use to create a deliberate message for the sale of our home. He also had contacts available to perform the work! My wife and I felt very confident throughout the entire process because of his professional, calm, and frank demeanor. He did not make empty promises and was always pushing for our best interest. Everything was laid out on the table and there were no surprises when escrow closed. Overall, I can’t recommend him enough. Our home sold for more than we imagined, we had viable offers within a week of listing, and Zach was always available to help us through all aspects of the sale. Our only mistake was waiting a week before going with him!